Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

— Victor Hugo
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Always look for opportunities, but things don always go the way you think, the former University of Denver defenceman said of joining Colorado because of a familiarity with the area. Just builds character. And even after the Canucks made a failed trade play earlier his month for Jason Demers, it still a big climb up the roster ladder..

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Yer right, my bad JE SHOULD have gone to the SB 6 times but he AND Davis got sunk by the Jags in the division game in 1996. And no, I did NOT misunderstand you about the screen name which was NOT bronco1st BTW. I tell you all 3, my screen name then, and my first and last name signature names but you still haven answered my question as to why you hate Elway.

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Since Jeff passing on Oct. 25, friends and family have been doing what they can to raise funds for the Jeffrey McDevitt Memorial Trust Fund, a fund that was established to help his three young daughters going forward. Sara Walkey (a friend and teammate of Jeff set up a GoFundMe account and, along with members of the ball team Jeff played for (Havoc), organized a memorial slo pitch game.

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Supermarket operator Metro Inc. (TSX:MRU) has expressed interest for picking up pharmacy retailer Jean Coutu in the past. It recently sold its stake in convenience store operator Alimentation Couche Tard, a move that increased speculation about a possible deal.

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Tweet Tweet “It’s been huge because you have a guy who’s been here almost since the beginning, one year removed [...]

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Tweet Tweet 3. Watch the Household Cavalry Musical Ride in the Grand Ring. The Ride is made up of eight soldiers from each of the [...]

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Tweet Tweet Williams is beside himself when Madison greets him in the corridor next day, but he hardly has time to enjoy his trium [...]

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