Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

— Ludwig van Beethoven
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This was a mundane malfunction

This was a mundane malfunction in plumbing that could have been prevented. It makes me feel all too fragile. Makes me rethink my everyday priorities.. The board said the plan still needs final approval from the Design Review Committee, which will take a close look, in particular, at the stone materials proposed for the ground floor level. Some commissioners said they were not pleasedabout the lack of detail in the plans and did not thinkit was ready for a vote, but the longstanding delays for the vacant lot were also a subject of concern. It burned down in the 1980s and Sarachan who also owns Rasputin Records, Blondie’s Pizza, the old Cody’s Building diagonally across from the site, as well asthe retail development at 2350 Telegraph bought the property in 1994.

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